2022 Meeting Recordings

June 24, 2022

Welcome Address

Hassan Razvi, CUA President
Duane Hickling, Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair
Stephen Pautler, Scientific Program Committee Co-Chair

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Keeping Score on Ten Years of Social Media in Urology
Michael Leveridge

State-of-the-Art Lecture

The Patient-Centered Care of Women with Pelvic Floor Problems
Una Lee

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Assessment of Male LUTs: Applying the Key Data
Marcus Drake

Educational Forum - Underactive Bladder

  • Diagnosis of Underactive Bladder - Laura Nguyen
  • Case 1: Mixed Detrusor Overactivity with Detrusor Underactivity - Genevieve Nadeau
  • Case 2: Stress Incontinence and Underactive Bladder - Anne Suskind
  • Case 3: Underactive Bladder and Dysfunctional Voiding - Marcus Drake

Allied Urology Associations Address

Edward Messing - AUA

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Frailty and Surgical Decision Making in Older Adults
Anne Suskind

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Disasters in Urology
Stuart Oake

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Post-Pandemic Urology: Your Clinic Should Be Forever Changed
Thomas Chi

Educational Forum: Advances in Ureteroscopy

Brian Blew, Shubhadip De, Naeem Bhojani, Jennifer Bjazevic

June 25, 2022

State-of-the-Art Lecture

The “Next Big Thing” in Pediatric VUR
Caleb Nelson

Educational Forum: Pediatric Stone Disease

Caleb Nelson and Daniel Keefe

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Taking Stock of the Role of the Microbiome in Urinary Disease
Jeremy Burton

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Present and Future in the Intraoperative Surgical and Interventional Management of Bladder Cancer
Arnulf Stenzl

Educational Session

Advanced Prostate Cancer: Integrating Guidance into Practice
Ricardo Rendon, Troy Sitland and Krista Noonan

Educational Forum: Advanced Functional Imaging in Prostate Cancer

Robert Hamilton, Frédéric Pouliot and Krista Noonan

June 26, 2022

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Fad Diets & Other Lifestyle Changes, Supplements & Repurposed Medications from A-to-Z: What is Hot or Not in My World?!
Mark Moyad

Educational Forum: Challenges in Men’s Health

Men's Health Educational Forum
Trustin Domes, Matt Roberts, Jeffrey Campbell, Helen Bernie

State-of-the-Art Lecture

What Would Dr. Herschorn Do? A Round Up of Complex Cases
Richard Baverstock

Educational Forum: Global Surgery in Urology

John Dushinski , Olivier Heimrath, Duane Hickling, Jacques Corcos

State-of-the-Art Lecture

Reimagining UTI in Women: New Insights in Etiology and Management
Curtis Nickel

Educational Forum: Management of Complex Infections

Shari McKinny, Ashley Cox, Geneviève Nadeau

State-of-the-Art Lecture

EDIA in Medicine in 2022: A Short Introduction
Gaynor Watson-Creed

June 27, 2022

CUASF Lecture

Refining the Gap Between Knowledge and Practice in the Treatment Of Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer
Wassim Kassouf

CUOG Lecture

Cyto-Reductive Nephrectomy for Metastatic Kidney Cancer: "There and Back Again"
Anil Kapoor

CUA Guidelines Session

Testicular Cancer - Robert Hamilton
Small Renal Masses - Patrick Richard
Management of Kidney Stones- Naeem Bhojani
BPH/LUTS - Mélanie Aubé-Peterkin

CUASF Research Grants

Anil Kapoor, Chair, CUASF Scientific Council

Social Media Workshop

Benjamin Walters

Closing remarks

Lysanne Campeau, Scientific Program Committe Co-Chair 2023

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